Wills & Estates

Wills can be very confusing and complex. Seeking professional legal advice before deciding if you need a Testamentary Trust Will or only need a Simple Will could save you thousands of dollars.

Karsas Lawyers understands updating your Will or making a Will for the first time can be overwhelming and time consuming – so we do the hard work for you.

Karsas Lawyers has many years’ experience in drafting Wills and understands the importance of making sure all your last wishes are carried out.

We provide a professional and caring approach when meeting with our clients to draft a Will and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Common Questions

Q: Why do I need a Will?
A: If you die without a Will your property and possessions may not be distributed as you intend. It can also increase the possibility of disputes over your estate.

Q: What is included in my Estate?
A: Your personal property such as jewellery and furniture, houses/property and cars that are registered in your name only. Insurances and superannuation do not automatically form part of your Estate.

Q: When should I update my Wil?
A: You should update your Will when you get married, separated, enter into a new de-facto relationship or marriage, buy or sell any property/assets or have children.

Q: I have brought a Will kit off the internet, is this suitable?
A: It may suit your needs however everyone’s circumstances are different and it is advisable to obtain proper legal advice before signing any documents.

Q: Do I need a Testamentary Trust Will?
A: If you have an Estate with significant assets it is advisable to have a Testamentary Trust to allow greater flexibility regarding the intended beneficiaries access to their inheritance.